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Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus by TheWoodParable Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 141 12 Beach Boys of Hell Creek (Saurian fanart) by TheWoodParable Beach Boys of Hell Creek (Saurian fanart) :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 170 26 ''Changdusaurus laminoplacodus'' by TheWoodParable ''Changdusaurus laminoplacodus'' :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 40 2 Tingmiatornis arctia by TheWoodParable Tingmiatornis arctia :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 50 3 Triceratops horridus dancing in the firelight by TheWoodParable Triceratops horridus dancing in the firelight :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 70 5 Rativates evadens by TheWoodParable Rativates evadens :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 121 9 Darwin Train by TheWoodParable Darwin Train :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 27 2 Fukuivenator paradoxus by TheWoodParable Fukuivenator paradoxus :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 87 6 Parasaurolophus walkeri scale drawing by TheWoodParable Parasaurolophus walkeri scale drawing :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 61 14 Merry Dinomas! by TheWoodParable Merry Dinomas! :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 101 6 Dakotaraptor steini by TheWoodParable Dakotaraptor steini :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 138 13 Neovenator salerii scale drawing by TheWoodParable Neovenator salerii scale drawing :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 43 6 Ornithocheirus simus by TheWoodParable Ornithocheirus simus :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 80 12 New Japanse Tyrannosaur by TheWoodParable New Japanse Tyrannosaur :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 89 14 A Better Fake Theropod no. 2 by TheWoodParable A Better Fake Theropod no. 2 :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 71 18 Splish splash splosh by TheWoodParable Splish splash splosh :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 62 6


Tyrannosauroid integument composite by Tomozaurus Tyrannosauroid integument composite :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 203 21 Dinosaurian Godzilla by FredtheDinosaurman Dinosaurian Godzilla :iconfredthedinosaurman:FredtheDinosaurman 472 80 A Quick Edaphosaurus by Osmatar A Quick Edaphosaurus :iconosmatar:Osmatar 181 52 Resurface by Midiaou Resurface :iconmidiaou:Midiaou 296 87 Zhongjianosaurus by Midiaou Zhongjianosaurus :iconmidiaou:Midiaou 250 90 Slender Complete Bowl by PLASTOSPLEEN Slender Complete Bowl :iconplastospleen:PLASTOSPLEEN 103 28 Aigialosuchus villandensis by Kana-hebi Aigialosuchus villandensis :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 158 7 Spinosaurus by MALvit Spinosaurus :iconmalvit:MALvit 147 8 Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis by Kana-hebi Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 202 40 Limusaurus by Hyrotrioskjan Limusaurus :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 164 9 Dragon by ExIllustrated Dragon :iconexillustrated:ExIllustrated 16 1 Torpedillo by PLASTOSPLEEN Torpedillo :iconplastospleen:PLASTOSPLEEN 126 47 Death in the Darkness by Sheather888 Death in the Darkness :iconsheather888:Sheather888 126 18 Bridge to the Unknown by Stolpergeist Bridge to the Unknown :iconstolpergeist:Stolpergeist 47 11 Torvosaurus tanneri by KirbyniferousRegret Torvosaurus tanneri :iconkirbyniferousregret:KirbyniferousRegret 81 22 Plunderer from Utah by ScottHartman Plunderer from Utah :iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 416 401


Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus
Done as the 1st of April's Dinosaur of the Day for 

Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus, while obviously not a dinosaur, was a marine reptile from the Early Jurassic. Here I've depicted a mother giving birth while her mate circles, prepared to fend off any predators. Plesiosaurs were unusual amongst reptiles in that they were viviparous - they gave birth to live young. Plesiosaurs probably gave birth to a single, well developed offspring, and it is therefore though that they invested more time and effort in ensuring that their offspring survived (this is known as K-strategy).
Beach Boys of Hell Creek (Saurian fanart)
Been following the development of Saurian (check out their website here ) for several years now. I love the premise, and what's been shown so far just hits all the right notes for me, so I finally decided to do some fanart. Here, some Quetzalcoatlus sp. have their Mosasaurus meal interrupted by a very rude and unwanted guest, and are forced to make a quick getaway.

Some details in the foliage are somewhat hurried, but that's because I was in a hurry and also plants are boring.

Hope you all enjoy!
''Changdusaurus laminoplacodus''

This is "Changdusaurus laminoplacodus."

Normally when reconstructing prehistoric animals, there are methods to ensure you're being as accurate as possible, no matter how scrappy the fossil material. Techniques like phylogenetic bracketing allow us to create an interpretation of an animal based on better known close relatives, and inferences can be made about habitat and mode of life by looking at the shape of what remains are known and examining the formation in which they were found.

These techniques cannot be applied to Changdusaurus.

Named in the 1980s, but never formally described in any capacity, Changdusaurus is supposedly a stegosaur. However, any attempts to learn more about Changdusaurus would be fruitless, as the fossil remains, if they ever existed in the first place, have been lost. There are rumours of broad, thin dermal plates, flat ischia, and a reduced fourth femoral trochanter, though these claims are provided without evidence and are therefore worthless.

Here I have depicted a vague and nonspecific stegosaur resting next to a slow flowing river, in the mid-to-late Jurassic of an area that will one day be known as China. This is not so much a reconstruction, or even an interpretation, as it is an imagining of an animal that could potentially be referred to as "Changdusaurus".

Drawn for, the specific article can be found here.

I hope you all enjoy!

Tingmiatornis arctia
Tingmiatornis antarctica, a late Cretaceous ornithurine bird of indeterminate affiliations. Depicted here as plunge diving, a speculative behaviour that both illustrates the capacity for flight and for diving proposed in Bono, R.K.; Clarke, J.; Tarduno, J.A.; Brinkman, Donald (2016). Several living birds capable of flight and of diving, such as cormorants, pelicans, and of course gannets, to name a few, are capable of plunge diving to varying extents, I don't think it beyond the realms of possibility that Tingmiatornis was also capable of plunge diving. This behaviour also serves a functional purpose: obscuring the head, which is not known.

I hope you all enjoy it! 

This piece was done for, and the article can be found here.
Triceratops horridus dancing in the firelight
Hi, this is a piece done for's Dinovember community event, but it's for a special day - the fifth of November. Over here in England, particularly the south coast, that means one thing: fire. It's bonfire night. I decided to draw something thematically relevant.

Two male Triceratops, locked in territorial battle, are so focused on beating their opponent that they fail to notice as the forest fire blazes closer and closer.

I wanted to also give a shout-out to the excellent artist and my good friend Ahrkeath :iconahrkeath: whose excellently atmospheric and beautiful Diabloceratops piece (go check it out! It's awesome) may have partly inspired some of the themes seen in this drawing.

I hope you all enjoy this piece! To those of you who celebrate, have a wicked bonfire night! And those who don't, have an equally wicked whatever you're doing on the fifth of November!



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Jack Wood
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I have, since I can remember, been fascinated by Dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna. I specialise mainly in Palaeoart, and prefer to use pencils, though I am trying to get my head round Photoshop at the moment. I do not, however, just draw Dinosaurs. I have varied subject matter - some of said subjects are just a little silly.

I am still an amatuer, and have much to improve on. I hope you enjoy my work.


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